“Pebbled Pathways” is a purpose built, state of the art childcare facility located in Grove Island, Corbally, Limerick with large, safe and secure outdoor play areas.

The formative years in a child’s life are most important in building a foundation for their emotional, educational, social, physical, language and learning needs. “Pebbled Pathways” aim to give children the best care and attention that is necessary for their development and growth while having fun through free play.

We create a happy and fun filled environment conducive to developing a child’s personality. The six children in our logo represent the six key areas mentioned, they are:


The icon of the baby represents the stage at which a strong emotional bond is formed between child/parent and staff.


“Pebbled Pathways” promote education (what we like to call “learning for life”) through free play.


Interaction with staff and other children help develop children’s language and communication skills – talking, laughing, singing and positive relations all contribute in this area.


Through his/her own experiences within “Pebbled Pathways” a child is encouraged to develop and ascertain situations for themselves.


At “Pebbled Pathways” children are given the opportunity to mix with others, embrace diversity and to be sociable making lots of friends.


Play develops a child’s growth and coordination but above all play is fun.
We aspire to build a strong, communicative relationship between child, parent and staff.

Together we aim to nurture and encourage creativity and independence and instill values to prepare children for the next stage of their lives.


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