About Pebbled Pathways

 On Play

At “Pebbled Pathways” we aim to enhance the awareness of the importance of play and increase play possibilities. Play is the most natural activity in the world. It provides the opportunity for children to grow and learn whilst having fun. Play is essential to children.

To play is to learn and enjoy at the same time. Through free play children learn about themselves and the world around them thereby building their emotional, physical, social, creative, cognitive and imaginative skills.

Children play purely for pleasure. Adults see it also as an opportunity for children to grow. In creating play areas we need to strike a balance between the two. All play spaces should send out clear signals for play, to remind children that they are welcome.

On Ability

We take an inclusive approach to disabilities. We focus on health and ability rather than on disability. Accessibility and inclusion are key, not just because of the added importance of play to children with disabilities but because it teaches able bodied children tolerance and empathy. At “Pebbled Pathways” we aim to provide accessible and inclusive play for every mind and body!

On Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is on the increase throughout the world. A direct link has been established between obesity in children and severe lack of exercise and proper nutrition in their lives. The joy of physical play adds to a child’s quality of life. As a childcare facility we aim to provide safe, well planned outdoor and indoor environments for children to play in, and by doing so, we can equip children with essential life skills and make them happier and healthier.

Outstanding Features

• Highly qualified and experienced staff (with Occupational First Aid certification and
HACCP training)
• Advanced Security System
• Convenient drop off and pick up area
• In-house chef (preparing home cooked meals and snacks)
• Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas
• Parents’ Room
• Open Door Policy
• Túsla Notified
• Early Childhood Ireland member

Healthy Eating and Nutrition

At “Pebbled Pathways” we are pleased to say that we have our own in-house chef preparing the very best in home cooked meals and snacks for all of our children.

A sample five day dinner menu….

• Pasta Bolognese
• Traditional Bacon & Cabbage
• Pasta Carbonara
• Roast Chicken with mashed potato & vegetables
• Oven cooked fish fingers, potato cubes & beans

And for morning and afternoon breaks….

• Fresh fruit and yoghurt smoothies – various
• Pureed Fresh Fruit Pots – various
• Homemade Muffins/Scones – various
• Stewed Apple/Rhubarb with custard
• Scrambled Eggs
• Homemade Soups – various
• Toasted Cheese
• Fresh Fruit Quadrants

* All menus will rotate on a three weekly basis.